Leila does not expect freedom as long as Duterte is in Malacanang

Senator Leila de Lima on Tuesday does not expect to get out of detention as long as President Rodrigo Duterte is in power.

“I am now resigned to the fact that for as long as this vindictive President remains in power, freedom from this most unjust detention is an impossibility,” De Lima said in a statement.

“(But) I hope and pray that I am wrong, but we must do more than hope and pray. We must act. It is only then that we can make a ‘Happy New Year’ a reality and not merely a desperate wish,” she said.

Even if she wants to, De Lima said she could not feel optimistic about 2018 as it was destined to be a “sad year for the forces of evil that still rule over our land.”

“Let us all move and act to make this year a happy new year,” she said.



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