Marcos kept billions to protect Philippine economy : Duterte says

The late President of Philippine Republic Ferninand Marcos stashed billions from the public funds during his regime in order to protect the Philippine economy according to President Rodrigo Duterte.

In his speech during the oath taking ceremony of public officials in Malacañang, Duterte said the Marcoses has a noble reason for the ill-gotten wealth secured by their father.

“And the only reason was sabi nila, that the father was protecting the economy. Now, of course, the eventual kung maalis siya. But he was though of regaining the Malacañang and that is why ganito ang lumabas. Parang tinago,” he said.

Rody said the controversial family accused for their ill-gotten wealth expressed their willingness to return some what they amassed.

“Sabi nila na they’ll open everything and probably return yung nakita lang. Sabi nila na malaki ang deficit mo sa, maybe this year, ang projected deficit spending would be big, sabi niya. Baka makatulong. Preo hindi ito malaki,” he added.

Duterte also said that Marcoses would return a few gold bars along with the money.

The president admitted he is already looking for a person to handle the negotiation with the Marcoses for the return of ill-gotten wealth.

“I will accept the explanation, whether or not it is true, wala na eh. And they are ready to return,” he said.



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