Netizen describes Isabelle Duterte as beautiful inside and out

As part of her pre-birthday celebration, Isabelle conducted an outreach program for the kids of Marawi.

Presidential apo Isabelle Lovelie Duterte, daughter of Paolo Duterte, was described as beautiful inside out by a netizen who took part in her outreach program over the weekend. On her Facebook account, netizen Blanch Fosgate said that the 17-year-old truly has a beautiful heart as she shared snaps from the gift-giving party.

“She’s indeed a beautiful woman inside and out. Advance Happy Happy Birthday Maam Isabelle. Thanks for making the children of Marawi very happy. We’re All so proud of you!”, she wrote.

The event, organized by Isabelle’s mom Lovelie Sangkola, was an initiative to give away gifts and a McDonald’s food party to the children from war-torn communities of Marawi.



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