Tara sa Malacañang! Here’s why Duterte wants Rizal’s descendants to visit Palace

President Rodrigo Duterte invited descendants of Dr. Jose Rizal to visit Malacañang during the commemoration of the hero’s 121st death anniversary on December 30, 2017.

Former beauty queen Gemma Cruz Araneta, a descendant if Rizal, shared what transpired during Duterte’s brief chat with them in her January 2 column for the Manila Bulletin.

She said the President had promised them that he would get rid of corruption and he will never agree to a coalition government with the communists.

“Then came the clinching statement: He would invite us to Malacañan, for lunch, one of these days, because he wants us to see the ‘holy place’ where Teodora Alonso, the mother of Rizal, met with the Spanish governor general to plead for the life of her son,” Araneta said.

Duterte said he will meet with Rizal’s descendants at the Palace “when he is not so busy,” she added.

The President flew to Davao City after the commemoration of Rizal’s martyrdom in Luneta to celebrate the new year.



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